Soul Intimacy – Restoring Trust and Soul Connections In All of Your Relationships MP3

Has it been years or does it feel like a lifetime since you were in an intimate relationship with a soulmate, lover or partner?

Would you like to attract and manifest an amazing partner, someone you like to be in the company of right now?

Do you feel that you opened your heart a long time ago and someone crushed it leaving you feeling lost, isolated, and separated from ever experiencing that special pure heart and soul connection with someone?

Do you sometimes feel like life is passing you by and it’s too late for you to fall in love and allow yourself to be completely vulnerable ever again?

During our time together tonight, we will be facilitating another RICH Healing Experience to take you on a journey back to the first time you allowed yourself to be intimate, vulnerable and authentically you. We will hold the space for you to feel safe to reveal all parts of you that you’ve been hiding from ever since that time allowing you to trust others and receive that special connection in this lifetime.

When you remember all of those innocent aspects of you that totally trusted and never doubted the magical landscape of this universe and integrate those soul pieces you gave away, you will never be the same again. We will help you to bring up those old, stale and toxic energies and hidden heartbreak so you can finally see that it was never your are an infinite being and divine creator made of love.

Allow yourself to let go of the past to free your present and future reality filled with a renewed sense of peace, grace, love, light, joy, fun and adventure.

Welcome to your new Life.

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RICH Blessings!
Meryl & Patrick

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