No Longer Being Affected by Other People’s Negativity 2 MP3s

Have you ever felt like you were being drained or attacked by someone? Is that your problem or somebody else's? Would you like to no longer be affected by other people in that way?

This class has been born by popular demand. Lots of beings on this planet feel they have been victimized by other people's thoughts and emotions or psychic attack.

Meryl and Patrick will be mainly focusing on the lies, stories and inventions we have been conditioned to believe in this reality that everyone and everything else has power over us whether it be demons, entities, ghosts, hybrids, annunakis, aliens, et's and any other being that you can name here.

These mp3s clear all of those illusions out of this existence so you can have all your super magical abilities back in this lifetime and no longer feel you have no choice now and in the future.

Have you tried everything you know or have been told about to clear and cancel all the binding contracts, oaths, vows, agreements, promises and commitments from past lives including cutting cords and yet you keep attracting the same scenarios thinking this time will be different?

Have you always known that there must be something different and magical out there that would clear all these old patterns, paradigms and programs but just didn't know how to find it?

Would you like to remove energetic implants, uninstall old worn out and toxic programs that seem to control and keep you sleeping?

Is now the time to wake up?

Have you spent thousands of dollars on sessions where someone removed the implants for you and they returned shortly again thereafter? What if you can feel so empowered that you wouldn't have to turn to someone else outside of you ever again?

Is now the time to completely empower yourself with a whole new set of clearing tools that you can apply on a daily basis?

RICH Healing is an experience of oneness, opening to all of who you truly are. RICH Healing provides profound transformations in consciousness and physical form. When you experience RICH Healing, you open up to experiencing your true Oneness and letting go of all that is not you — the stories, the physical pain, the mental/emotional trauma and drama and the lies you’ve bought from this reality that you’re anything other than an Infinite Being!

We will offer very simple tools to empower you to help you create change in the blink of an eye by clearing the Thoughts, Emotions, Implants and Programs that are limiting your life.

In this class we go over and learn how to clear:
-Installed Programs
-Light, Color and Sound Languages
-Entities and Demons

RICH Healing combines Energy Healing with conscious clearing techniques to help you experience more bliss, joy and to achieve the life you came to this planet to live. When we heal the thoughts and emotions that do not contribute to the expansion of your life, it heals the physical body. When we heal the physical body, it heals the thoughts and emotions. Its a Win-Win.

This is the recordings of 2 classes which include an amazing soul retrieval journey through consciousness in the second mp3!

Its only $80 for a lifetime of tools and lightness! =)

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Price: $45.00

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