Removing the Masks You Use to Hide Yourself from The World 2 MP3s

We all wear masks to hide or protect ourselves from the world. How many masks are you wearing? Would you like to get rid of them all so you can be who you truly be and never have to act out of what you think you have to do for other people or to survive again?

In this class we will be doing mental and emotional clearings that will allow you to be authentic with yourself and with other people. After that we will be doing an intense energetic healing activation and clearing which will remove the masks you have created energetically and allow you to be authentic in this world once again!

In this healing activation we will clear false perceptions of yourself and the projected images people have put on you to keep you in their small box. We accept these images as real to fit into this reality and to be accepted and approved of which reinforces the lie that we are separate from each other.

Examples of masks are the good boy/girl, the bad boy/girl, the rebel, the intellectual person, the sarcastic person, the victim, etc.

Another type of mask is energetic armor, morphing your body into a weapon to defend yourself from others, chastity belts, cuffs, shackles or collars all taken on in past lives projected into the present time that keep us separate and stops us from being in our full power and true authenticity.

Meryl and Patrick facilitated this class two weeks in a row and they were both completely different

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