Emotional and Over Eating MP3

Do you eat way too much? Do you eat unconsciously until you feel heavy, lethargic and / or like you're going to explode? Do you do this when emotions come up so you don't have to feel the intensity of them? Are you using food as an addiction or distraction? Would you like to create a new relationship with food where it is a contribution to your life, health and being?

In this MP3 Meryl and Patrick will be clearing out the patterns of over eating, eating when emotions come up, running away from emotions, subconscious causes of patterns that keep you locked in a mode of eating until you're beyond stuffed and so much more. We will also give you tools to know when you body is done eating so you can eat the perfect amount in every moment and have energy levels beyond anything you ever imagined possible.

We will then take you on a healing activation to clear out emotional eating and over eating patterns from your parents, family and entire ancestral lineage so you can totally be free of this. We will teach your body how to give clear signals that you can't miss when you are done eating so you can keep your energy levels and ability to receive super high. We will also activate the knowningness that everything is ok and you are safe in this reality so you're body can transmute stress hormones and patterns keeping you in a mode of always desiring to eat. And we will also Activate your Bliss Centers in the body so you vibrate from a state of bliss in every moment!

This 75 minute healing experience is facilitated by Macaya and Vandana

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