Vandana - Divine Healing from the Galactic Golden Beings

Vandana - Divine Healing from the Galactic Golden Beings
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Happy 2018 from the golden illumined beings on high!!!!

As a divine messenger & soul guide, I am happy to announce our first accelerated light attunement from the divine beings in the great central sun!

Receive stellar source codes & keys from your divine parents who watch over us on high!!!

Helios & Vesta are the solar beings who embody the entire solar system just as Sanat Kumara is the being who embodies the entire Planet Earth.

These illumined light beings anchor in the sun and are in charge of the evolution of the entire solar system while the seven solar logos are assisting Helios in the center of our sun.

Helios is the source of the solar ray of copper-gold light. Vesta is the feminine counterpart of Helios & they live in a sunlit golden chamber in the center of our Sun. They are able to direct the formation of sun spots, the solar wind (decrease the wind to allow more cosmic rays, increase the wind to decrease cosmic rays to Earth), and help us to monitor or change the rotation and evolution of the planets in the solar system.

Helios (divine masculine) and Vesta (divine feminine) are vested in humanities future existence as we ascend into the heart of this solar system. They come forward now to shine their light from the core & heart of the diamond sun to over light us as their children of the sun.

The cosmic consciousness of Helios and Vesta regulate the activities of our sun and help us to sustain our physical solar system. They guide our spiritual evolution and can enhance our gamma ray vision so we can visualize the solar flares as direct light emanations from the heart of Helios and Vesta.

Our star tribes & solar logos have come forward to raise our vibrational frequency to bathe in their stellar light & solar divinity as we usher in the golden age of Aquarius.

Receive their solar light initiations to upgrade your cells, chakras & multi-dimensional DNA as a divine human, sovereign soul, star seed & earth walker.

Ignite your sacred flame of divinity to partner with the Gods & Goddesses Of The Central Sun as we move into 2018, the age of truth, transparency & authenticity!

Welcome to new beginnings as you seed your soul destiny with Helios & Vesta!

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