Stepping Into Being Abundant

Stepping Into Being Abundant
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Would you Like to Have Money FINALLY be Easy ?

Would you like to never have to worry or stress about money again?

Would you like to be able to create money with ease?

Would you like money to flow to you as if by magic?

Would you like to have the peace of mind that knowing you have money all the time brings?

If so...

Join Macaya Miracle for a 6 Week Series of Accelerated Light Healing Livestream videos forStepping into Being Abundant (I mean having lots of money!!!)

Each week you will be guided on the next step to creating more wealth than you ever imagined possible!!!

The tools you will learn can be applied if you have little money or lots of money!!!

In These Accelerated Light Healing Livestream Videos You Will:

  •  Learn to Love and Have Money
  •  Learn to Be in the Flow of Life 
  • Learn to Be Ok with Receiving
  • Move Forward Fearlessly
  • Learn How to Spiritually Manage Your Money
  • Learn the 3 Secrets of the Rich
  • Live Your Life's Purpose

In this 6 Week Journey you will receive Accelerated Light Healing Illuminations, Activations, Clearings and Healings to help you bring you to a place where you can create and maintain wealth with total ease.

The first part of each 75 minute healing livestream video will be clearings and creations around manifesting, wealth and receiving.  The second part will be an amazing energetic activation to align you with wealth and being prosperous.

Each Week You Will Receive an Accelerated Light Healing Activation

When You Receive These Activations You Will...

  •  Increase Your Wealth Vibration
  • Open to Receiving More Money Than You Ever Imagined Possible
  • Step into Infinite Receiving
  • Become Confident in Your Ability to Create Money
  • Have Peace of Mind with Money
  • Clear Past Life and Ancestral Blocks to Abundance
  • Attract Money with Ease

Each week you will have 1 piece of homework that if implemented will help increase your vibration of wealth instantly!!!  If you can dedicate 30 minutes a week to this, you will start to increase your wealth vibration each week!!!

In This 6 Week Journey You Will Experience:

Week 1 - Eliminating Blocks to Wealth and Receiving

  • Activate the Receiving Flow in Your Energy Field
  • Receive a Past Lives and Ancestral Wealth Clearing
  • Open Yourself to Effortless Receiving

Week 2 - Aligning with Prosperity and Wealth

  • Expand Your Wealth Vibration to the Level of Super Wealthy
  • Learn to Be in the Flow of Prosperity
  • Learn Spiritual Wealth Management

Week 3 - Getting Unstuck - Activating Your Ability to Move Forward

  • Learn to Move forward Fearlessly
  • Clear Your Resistance to Taking Action, Moving Forward and Receiving Support

Week 4 - Magnetizing Your Abundance

  • Activate the Attractive Flow of Wealth
  • Clear Blocks to Receiving More Money than You Ever Imagined Possible
  • Attune to the Energy of Wealth

Week 5 - Stepping into Being Rich

  • Expand into the Vibration of Being Rich
  • Learn the 3 Secrets of Rich People
  • Learn how to Safely Invest Your Money

Week 6 - Living Your Purpose

  • Clear Blocks to Knowing and Living Your Life's Purpose
  • Step into the Knowing that You Can Live Your Life's Purpose
  • Go on a Life's Purpose Journey to Become Clear About What You Came Here to Do

You will also get Access to a Private Facebook group to Interact with other members in the class to get advice, ask questions, collaborate and help each other move into more abundance!

Is it time to have wealth and abundance be easy?

If so, Join Us and Step into Being Wealthy and Having Lots of Money!

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Is it Time to Create More Wealth than You Ever Imagined Possible? 

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