Healing Past Trauma with Your Family Livestream - Mon. Dec 11th

Healing Past Trauma with Your Family Livestream - Mon. Dec 11th
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What if it Could Be Easy to Interact with Your Family?

Are You Ready to Let Go of Painful Patterns of Past Misunderstandings and Heal Your Inner Child?

What if it Could Be Easy to Clear the Fear and Unlock the Past Knowing That Infinite Consciousness Has Your Back?

If that's what you desire, this class is for you!!!

Join Macaya Miracle and Vandana Atara Aura, Creators of Accelerated Light Healing for Healing Past Trauma with Your Family

This Class Will Help You Break Free of:

  • Negative Energies of Your Family Members You Carry in Your Cells and DNA
  • Cellular Memories Stored in Your Body, Chakras and Energy Field 
  • Genetically Inherited Soul Trauma Passed on to You in the Womb 
  • Ancestral Soul Trauma and Family Karma Still Running Your Life
  • And so much more... 

Everything has a soul. Everyone is a soul. Your Family has a soul too!

If you are born into a family that experienced soul trauma, you may still be affected by their thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Although you may have experienced difficult soul lessons growing up, you don't have to repeat them again and you
can heal your family soul.

Macaya and Vandana will help you to unlock density and intensity and cleanse karmic debris to create the space to manifest the highest preferred reality you've always dreamed of but never thought was possible... until now!!!

You may experience subtle changes or miraculous shifts as a result of your openness, willingness and intention to heal the past and set you and your entire ancestral lineage free!!! 

When You Receive These Accelerated Light Soul Healing Activations You Will:

  • Reclaim Your Power Pieces and Soul Fragments to Feel Whole and Complete (with or without your biological family members)
  • Re-birth Your Natural Ability to Express Your Unique Gifts with Ease 
  • Learn to Speak Your Truth From Your Heart with Courage and Confidence 
  • Attract a Loving New Soul Family that Matches the Vibration of Your Soul 
  • And so much more... 

This 60 Minute Livestream Will Contain High Vibrational Healing Energies and Activations to Raise Your Vibration, Clear Your Energy, Clear Your Ancestral Lineage and Help Heal Your Connection with Your Family!!!

Come Play in the Quantum Field of Creation, Inspiration and Manifestation and Heal Your Family Trauma to Re-set Your Entire Reality for You and All the Families You've Ever Had Since the Moment Your Soul was Conceived!!!

Are You Ready to Have Ease with Your Family?  

If so, Join Us and Heal Your Relationship with Your Family!

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