Healing Your Divine Feminine and Masculine True Nature MP3

Healing Your Divine Feminine and Masculine True Nature MP3
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Receive 7 Divine Healing Rays From The 7 Archangels & Their Archeia!

Do you feel separate, disconnected or cut off from spiritual blessings & divine protection?

Would you like to heal your relationship with the higher powers that surpass all human understanding so you can claim your throne of glory & live in a perpetual state of grace?

The Archeia represent your divine feminine nature that yearns to be expressed. These qualities are patience, trust, wisdom, inspiration, intuition & being in the flow of what you already know!

Together, the Archangels & Archeia can help you to fulfill your soul plan and balance both sides of your true nature.

Vandana is honored to help you re-awaken & remember your angelic true nature with the 7 divine healing rays of creation & re-birth!

Anyone can receive them as we are all divine humans!!!

You are meant to be here & it is your birthright to receive this gift & blessing!!!

Your Archangelic legions of light invite you to bathe in tranquil waters & soak in the essence of holy love, crystal light, sacred rays & solar radiance!

Experience what it feels like to take a color bath in each of the 7 healing rays to cleanse, clear your 7 phsyical chakras & detox from soul trauma & karmic debris from all of your timelines, dimensions & lifetimes from the moment your soul was conceived!

This is a divine visitation & special invitation to visit them in their healing retreats & temples of healing, regeneration & rejuvenation.

Receive these powerful rays to activate your inner spark, shine your light & be of service!

When you open to receive them, it can become easier & faster to manifest what you dream of, envision & desire more than ever before!!!
Each healing ray melts & dissolves layers of  energetic armor & heart walls to unlock & release old energies that no longer serve you in the new paradigm on your highest soul ascension timeline! 

In this class, you will  learn how to invoke the names of the archangels & their twin flames (The Archeia) so you can heal your divine feminine & masculine core wounds with ease & grace.

These secret rays sparkle, vibrate & illuminate your chakras, cleanse your aura & strengthen your connection to your christed consciousness & beloved I am presence.

Vandana will invoke the 7 Rays Of The 7 Archangels/Archeia In Your 7 Chakras.

You will receive an accelerated light infusion to experience the gifts of:

  • 1st Ray - Free Will, Faith, Protection & Your Creative Powers
  • 2nd Ray - Inner & Outer Illumination 
  • 3rd Ray - Expanding Into The Essence Of Divine Love
  • 4th Ray - Purity Of Heart, Mind & Spirit
  • 5th Ray - Magnified Healing, Abundance, Truth, Vision
  • 6th Ray - The Path Of Your Highest Soul Service 
  • 7th Ray - Practicing Forgiveness To Be Free Of The Past

I look forward to being your guide on this sacred journey of a lifetime!

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