Interdimensional Ascension Mastery

Interdimensional Ascension Mastery
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Would you like to Fully Realize Your Infinite Being?

Would you like to Step into Your Ascension with Total Ease?

Would you like to Love Being on This Planet?

Would you like to Reclaim Your Power?

Would you like to Love Your Life?

If so...

Join Macaya Miracle for a 6-Week Series of Accelerated Light Healing Livestream videos for Interdimensional Ascension Mastery

Each week you will receive guidance and activations to bring you into the Next Steps of Your Ascension Mastery!!!

These are advanced activations and healing for beginners and advanced people on the spiritual path.

In These Accelerated Light Healing Livestreams You Will:

  •  Increase Your Manifestation Powers
  •  Reclaim Your Power and Spiritual Gifts
  •  Experience More Bliss
  •  Experience More Peace and Relaxation
  •  Expand Your Spiritual Connection
  •  Feel Amazing in Your Body
  •  Love Your Life
  •  And So Much More...

In this 6-Week Journey you will receive Accelerated Light Healing Illuminations, Activations, Clearings and Healings to help you bring you to a place where you can achieve Christ Consciousness and Oneness with total ease.

The first part of each 75-minute healing livestream video will be clearings and creations around higher dimensional living, ascension and receiving. The second part will be an amazing energetic activation to Integrate Your Infinite Self and Activate Your Ascended Mastery.

Each Week You Will Receive an Accelerated Light Healing Activation.

When You Receive These Activations You Will...

  •  Integrate Your Gifts from All Your Lifetimes
  •  Experience Infinite Love
  •  Live from Infinite Bliss
  •  Connect with the Higher Dimensional Beings who Want to Help Your Evolution
  •  Move Beyond Time Space and Dimensions
  •  Have Mastery Over Your Reality
  •  Experience Oneness
  •  Activate Your Christ Consciousness
  •  And So Much More...

In This 6-Week Journey You Will Experience

Week 1 - Infinite Bliss Activation


  • Connect with an Infinite Source of Energy
  • Clear Blocks to Being Infinite Blissful in Every Moment
  • Learn How to Create Your Life from Bliss

Week 2 - Integrating Infinite Timelines, Lives and Realities

  • Integrate all of Your Energy and Spiritual Gifts from All Your Lifetimes (past, present and future)
  • Increase Your Personal Power
  • Experience More Peace in Your Body

Week 3 - Living Beyond Time, Space and Dimensions


  • Learn How to Live Limitlessly
  • Learn How to Play with Changing Time and Space
  • Step into the Space and Power of Infinite Being

Week 4 - Intergalactic Healing Activation

  • Receive and Experience Higher Dimensional Healing Frequencies
  • Learn How to Run Higher Dimensional Energies for Healing
  • Connect with Higher Dimensional Beings who Guide Earth's Evolution

Week 5 - Integrating Your Home Planet Energies

  • Learn Where You Came From
  • Receive Guidance from Masters on Your Home Planet
  • Connect with Your Home Planet's Energies

Week 6 - Christ Consciousness Activation

  • Ascend into 5th Dimensional Living
  • Activate Your Christ Consciousness/Oneness Consciousness
  • Activate Your Self Mastery

Is it time to Experience Your Ascension with Total Ease?

If so, Join Us and Step into Your Interdimensional Ascension Mastery!!!

Click Add to Cart above and Check out at the top of the page!!!

Is it Time to Finally Evolve to the Next Level of Spiritual Evolution?

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