Interdimensional Wealth Attunements

Interdimensional Wealth Attunements
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Do you wish Having Money was Easy?

Do you struggle with Holding on to Money?

Do you have resistance to having money in your life? 

If so, this Special 8 Hours of Livestream is for you.

Join Macaya Miracle, Accelerated Light Healing Master, for Interdimensional Wealth Attunements!!!

These are advanced wealth activations and healing for beginners and advanced people on the spiritual path.

In This Accelerated Light Healing Experience You Will:

  • Receive an Abundance Soul Retrieval 
  • Connect with the Abundance Energies of the 1st - 12th Dimension 
  • Clear Your Money Worries 
  • Clear the Programs that are Holding you Back from Having and Receiving Money 
  • Start Having Ease with Money 
  • Learn to Love Money 
  • And so much more...

We will go through the 1st - 12th Dimensions one-by-one.  In each dimension you will receive an attunement and clearing to the wealth energies of that dimension that will help you Create Wealth, Make Wealth Playful, Reinstate Your Wealth Timelines, Connect with Galactic Wealth and Infinite Wealth and so much more!!!

The 12 Interdimensional Wealth Journeys You Will Experience Are:

1st Dimension - The Grounding Attraction of Wealth
2nd Dimension - The Natural Playful Aspect of Wealth
3rd Dimension - The Physical Creation of Wealth
4th Dimension - The Reinstatement of Your Wealth Timeline
5th Dimension - Infinite Love Infusion for Wealth
6th Dimension - Programming the Morphic Field for Wealth
7th Dimension - Receiving the Sacred Song of Wealth
8th Dimension - Connecting with the Galactic Intention of Wealth
9th Dimension - The Galactic Synchronicity of Wealth
10th Dimension - The Infinite Possibilities of Wealth
11th Dimension - The Infinite Receiving of Wealth
12th Dimension - The Infinite Creation of Wealth

Does this sound exciting to you? If so, Join Us!!!

Have Wealth Be Easy!!!

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Is it Time to Have Ease with Money?

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