Angelic Divine Assistance From The Pyramids Of Light MP3

Angelic Divine Assistance From The Pyramids Of Light MP3
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Meet The Lords & Ladies Of Karma, The Divine Director, Archangel Metatron, St Germaine & Lady Portiaa and Archangel Michael Accompanied By His Band Of Karmic Clearing Angels To Receive Divine Healing Intervention & Protection.

Experience The Legions Of The Blue Flames Vibrational Frequencies From The Highest & Holiest Angels & Archangels Who Honor Your Free Will & Are Waiting For You To Call Upon Them For Help & Healing From Karmic Imprints Of Stress, Struggle & Trauma.

This Divine Healing Transmission Is For Anyone Who Feels Unsafe, Unsupported Or Who May Be Psychically Affected By Negative Energies From Other Spaces, Places & People.

Join Our Sacred Circle Of Trust To Feel Loved, Cared For & Empowered & Free Of Karmic Patterns From Past Lives, Ancestral Influences & Soul Contracts That No Longer Serve You.

Receive Source Code Clearings, Creations & Re-Sets To Boost Your Energy, Create New Beginnings & Align With The Divine!

Join Vandana On This Super Charged High Frequency Transmission To Experience:

  • Renewed & Expanded Energy Flows 
  • Infinite Abundance, Prosperity & Ease 
  • Conflict Resolution & Closure In Current Or Old Relationships 
  • Accelerated Physical Recovery From Pain Or Discomfort 
  • Greater Clarity & Confidence To Speak Your Truth 
  • A Higher Vibrational Resonance Of Peace, Non-Judgment & Neutrality 
  • Divine Downloads From The Akashic Realms, Ascended Masters & Karmic Teachers 
  • Self-Mastery To Align With The Divine 
  • Instant Manifestation Of What You Want - Not What You Don't Want 
  • Re-Set Your Reality To Live On Your 5D Ascension Timeline

As a special gift, the Karmic Clearing Angels have prepared a Chakra Cleanse To Release Cellular Trauma & Karmic Debris Stored & Held In Your Chakras, Nadis & Meridians.

Clear The Fear & Unplug From The Matrix Of Old 3D Patterns, Programs & Stories So You Can Live On 5D Ascension Timeline!

Come Play In The Quantum Field Of Ease, Space & Grace & Experience Your Natural State Of Being!

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