Solar Eclipse Transmission MP3

Solar Eclipse Transmission MP3
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Step into the Lions Gateway Infinite Portal & Merge With The Divine In All Timelines, Dimensions, Galaxies & Realities!
This Total Solar Eclipse (The American Eclipse) is all about being prepared for sudden change, new beginnings & Riding the Solar Super Waves Of Ascended Possibilities on the new 5D Gaiasphere!
The August double ecliptic cosmic alignments will ask you to protect yourself and your loved ones, stand up for your beliefs and show the world who you are! 
Use The Leonian Energies To Express Your Fierce & Fearless Courage, Creative Powers & Brave Heart! ROAR If You Have To!!!!!
Align with the Divine Feminine Venusian Frequencies of Deep Comfort, Peace, & Serving each other as channels of the Divine.
We will clear resistance & fear blocks around stepping into your bold leadership & being bold, big & courageous in the face of intensity, chaos, & sudden change.
You are stronger than you think or can even conceive or percieve.
Receive energetic fiery Leonian upgrades during this final surge of the particle convergence to attune to a higher octave of 5D cosmic consciousness & co-create a new paradigm of peace, co-creation & collaboration.
Join Vandana for this Accelerated Light Healing Activation to:
  • Expand into the Solar Cosmic Christ Frequency
  • Align With The Sirian Star Elders & Councils
  • Amplify Your Core Star Power Center
  • Reconnect With The 12 Star Tribes From The Great Central Sun
  • Ground Onto Your Highest Soul Ascension Timeline
The Accelerated Light Clearings, Creations & Re-sets will help you shift into greater possibilities & golden oppportunities with ease & grace!
Listen to this call to align with the divine & embody heaven on earth!

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