An Abundance of Health MP3

An Abundance of Health MP3
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Would You Like to Finally Have Life Be Easy ?

Would You Like to have Fun being on this Planet?

Would You Like to have a Greater Connection with Your Inner Knowing?

This class is part of a 12-week series Accelerated Light Healing Livestreams for New Earth Ascension Mastery Macaya Miracle and Vandana Atara Aura!

You will receive High Vibrational Accelerated Light Healing Activations while gazing upon sacred mandalas, sacred geometry and sacred imagery to ascend higher and higher into the quantum realms where infinite freedom and liberation of the soul can be fully felt and experienced.
This is a multi-level soul expansion to awaken and activate all of your multi-sensory perceptions.

Each energetically encoded image you merge with is blessed with star medicine, quantum information, infinite intelligence and creative solutions from 15th dimensional consciousness.

To receive it, all you have to do is relax your mind and body and focus on the love and bliss frequencies embedded in each image and bliss out!!!

During these activations you will listen to healing sound tracks of 528 hz Solfeggio Frequencies to Upgrade Your DNA and Release Cellular Trauma 
and unresolved emotions of fear, stress and struggle from your brain and body. These vibrational tones will balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain as well as activate your higher brain freeing you from your limitations of fight, flight or freeze.   

Your time-travelling Oversoul can leap into the quantum field in your future timeline and merge with your true authentic identity so you can morph into Interdimensional "Super Human" Consciousness and Experience Enhanced Levels of Health!

    - Enhance Your Immune System
    - Raise Your Energy Levels
    - Receive Healing from the Spirit Doctors

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