Accelerated Akashic Light Healing Transmission MP3

Accelerated Akashic Light Healing Transmission MP3
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Travel to the akashic realms in the quantum field of your soul home away from home...that sacred space where you can reclaim your soul gifts, advanced knowledge, & divine wisdom that you've forgotten in this lifetime.

Each time you visit the akashic planes of existence, your psychic & telepathic perceptions accelerate & activate to reclaim your multidimensional mastery.

This frequency transmission will help you & your ancestors heal, forgive & be forgiven, & return to your natural state of wholeness & well-being.

The Akashic masters, teachers, & intergalactic guardians welcome you to open, read, & access your soul contracts, vows, oaths, promises & agreements so you can amend the limiting ones & become aware of your unlimited true nature, free will, & free choice in all timelines, dimensions, & lifetimes.

Vandana takes you on a powerful sacred journey to merge your soul aspects & infinite versions of you in parallel universes to awaken to your own divinity.

The more you listen, the easier it becomes to unlock & drop density, armor, & heart walls so you can embody the state of grace & the essence of your presence.

Listen before bedtime with headphones in a distraction free sacred space for best results & ultimate relaxation.

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