Soul Body and Physical Body Integration Accelerated Light Healing Transmission

Soul Body and Physical Body Integration Accelerated Light Healing Transmission
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Accelerated Light Healing Remote Transmissions

Lie Back and Receive a silent Accelerated Light Healing Transmissions to merge your soulful presence and multidimensional mastery into your light body with ease and grace.

With Macaya and Vandana, The Co-Creators of Accelerated Light Healing

During this frequency transmission, We will hold you in a safe and sacred space and transport you to the Accelerated Light Healing Chamber of bliss, peace and divine tranquility as you bathe in and soak up a higher love intelligence and sweet sensations of the highest love only available in the quantum field of all that is!

Macaya and Vandana will search for, locate and  identify any lost or missing heart or soul pieces from your home planets, star systems, and akashic records so you can experience a sense of wholeness and well-being during this "9" year of completion.

There's nothing for you to do, try, or figure out! Wow!!! What a relief right? 

You're probably saying, "I can BE THAT...that's true...Just BEING is awesome!!!!

Give your lower brain a break and oxygenate the highest part of your brain to connect with the masters, teachers and guardian angels, hear their guidance and evolve into your wise, loving and compassionate high heart.
Allow your soulful presence to merge with your human body and get ready for the adventure of a actually signed up for this, remember?

Our pure intention is to awaken and activate your extra sensory perceptions, psychic gifts, and telepathic abilities to come out of hiding and invisibility at this time of global awakening!

We need you here on our beloved Gaia as we quantum jump and leap into higher horizons!

Set your healing intention to receive the ultimate transformation and let your higher self take the lead as you step out of your own way and allow your higher self to merge with your human self.

This is a super charged multidimensional frequency transmission so please do not drive or operate heavy machinery while tuning in to this transmission.

On Thursday December 8th, You'll have access to an encoded light packet of star medicine wherever you are on the planet!

This frequency transmission will accelerate your spiritual growth and personal evolutionary path of ascension in the quantum realms of magical and infinite possibilities and potentialties.
If not now, then when will you claim your soverignty and contribute your light in 2017 and beyond?

How Remote Healing Works

We will tuning in to energetically clear, cleanse, and purify layers of genetic distortion, conditioned beliefs, limiting programming to rejuvenate and regenerate your galactic body of super human avatar awareness!

This activation can shift your perceptions into a heightened and enlightened state of peace and well being so you can actualize your full potential as a sovereign being and divine creator of your own reality!

If you're feeling stuck, stagnant, drained, or depleted, this vibrational boost transmission recalibrates your entire being to and resets your entire reality to a higher octave of consciousness!

Receive channeled divine downloads from the intelligence of the great central sun in the milky way galaxy in this mind blowing galactivation!

Gain instant access to the creative solutions and healing information from a quantum perspective!

You can receive this vibrational upgrade to:
  • Gain energy, clarity and body alignment
  • Free yourself from limiting human programs
  • Raise your vibration to experience your full potential
  • Switch on dormant DNA
  • Heal the root causes of core wounding, pain,and suffering
  • Reset your reality of choice
  • Open and Expand your energetic pathways  to absorb more light intelligence
  • Activate your soul gifts and multi-dimensional mastery 
The benefits of this remote healing activation will vary based on your level of sensitivity, willingness to receive and  how open and vulnerable you are willing to be.
Trust the process and you will always receive exactly what you need!

Each remote session includes dna activations, recalibrations, clearings and reprogramming to accelerate your inner sun and galaxy of stars within you!
Everyone will receive exactly what they need for their highest good and greatest outcome.

Where ever you are in the world, if you can meditate or lie down for 33 minutes, you can receive this energy transmission with ease and grace!

Join us Thursday December 8th at 12:33 PM Pacific / 3:33 PM Eastern / 8:33 PM GMT
Live Transmission Love Exchange: $33.33

After you register, you will receive a pdf  of how to prepare for this session as well as a personal follow up email to reveal what we saw and felt and any further guidance to assist your integration process.  You will also be able to access the transmission at a later date if you can't make it live.
Join Us and Integrate Your Soul and Physical Bodies!!!  Click Add to Cart Below and Check out at the top of the page!!!

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