Vibrating From Peace Amidst Chaos Consciousness Package C - 9 MP3s + 60 Minute Healing Session

Vibrating From Peace Amidst Chaos Consciousness Package C - 9 MP3s + 60 Minute Healing Session
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This package contains 9 MP3s To Stay Grounded Yet Connected To Divine Source & Your Higher Self, Soul Guidance and Galactic Guardians Of Light and includes a 60 Minute One-on-One Healing Session with Vandana (via Phone / Skype)

Item 1 - Vibrating From Peace & Regaining Trust MP3

Listen to this healing activation to raise your vibration to trust the universe & to feel safe & supported in each & every moment.


Item 2 - The Art Of Letting Go MP3

This divine light transmission allows you to entrain to the frequency of unconditional love & self-acceptance. Release & clear binding soul contracts, & quantum entanglements that won't allow you to truly let go & reset your entire reality.


Item 3 - Removing Obstacles With Lord Ganesha MP3

This sacred soul journey invites you to go off planet & visit your temple of restoration & regenesis. Visit Lord Ganesha & receive his blessings & divine dispensations to cut through fear blocks,challenges, & obstacles with ease & grace.


Item 4 - Outvibing The Old & Vibing With The New MP3

Listen to & receive powerful clearings to cut ancient cords, bindings, & negative attachments from this or any lifetime. Create infinite space for new & supportive relationships to show up in your life that are a vibrational magic to who you are as if by magic.


Item 5 - Heart De-Armoring Activation MP3

This powerful heart healing journey will allow you to feel safe in your vulnerability to access your highest authenticity & receive a higher love from your guardian angels & spirit guides. Melt armor, walls, & shields around your heart so you can honor your feelings from the space of neutrality & non-judgment.


Item 6 - Healing The Past To Free Your Soul MP3

Listen to this mp3 to step out of looping systems based on lies & misunderstandings from the past. Set yourself free of unconscious patterns & programs that control you & recreate drama, trauma, & self-sabatoge.


Item 7 - Healing Pre-Birth Trauma In The Womb MP3

It's not your fault if you were exposed in the womb to your birth Mothers fear, stress, or anger. This sacred healing activation takes you on a journey to clear & cleanse limbic brain imprinting & cellular trauma so you can reset your entire reality.


Item 8 - Loving Your Shadow Selves MP3

What if it could be easy to accept yourself & your body just as you are loving yourself free from your shadow selves. This living light infusion allows you to integrate your infinite selves & shadow aspects to feel whole, complete,& integrated so you can heal on all levels of your being.


Item 9 - Ease Vs Struggle MP3

Listen to this mp3 to align you with the harmonic frequency of ease, peace, joy & grace. The longer you listen, the higher your vibrational resonance elevates so you can manifest what you desire faster & easier than you've ever dreamed or were told was possible until now.

Plus Receive a 60 Minute Healing Session with Vandana (via Phone / Skype)

Get This Amazing Package Of 9 MP3 Frequency Transmission Recordings and a 60 Minute Healing Session valued at $800 for

Only $197

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