Cosmic Soul Retrieval Journey MP3

Cosmic Soul Retrieval Journey MP3
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Experience higher vibrational upgrades on this Interdimensional Soul Retrieval Transmission so you can feel whole & complete as you navigate the new energies of the age of Aquarius with ease, grace, & space.

As a multi-dimensional being, you are a divine creator & an infinite being. In order to feel whole, complete, & at peace, we have the ability to call back & claim our magical powers, soul gifts, & divine essence as an eternal soul. This mp3 recording includes an inter-dimensional soul retrieval healing process to restore lost & missing soul pieces you gave away or split off & left you feeling empty & unfulfilled. After listening to this soul journey, you will be able to finally feel at home in your body & being & celebrate the long awaited return of the entirety of you from all lifetimes, timelines, realms, realities, planets, & civilizations you've ever incarnated on in the eternal now.

Many of you are still feeling unsettled, uncomfortable, & uncertain living in these times of this great shift of consciousness but it doesn't have to feel hard, dense, or sticky.

You deserve to feel vibrationally supported on your soul journey & personal evolution to help you rise above chaos & tribal consciousness & embody the soulful presence of your divine essence so you can recapture your child like innocence and see the world from a higher, vaster, & broader perspective.

Here's what people are saying about the mp3:
 "Hi Vandana, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience during the cosmic retrieval past ,present  and future. During the meditation I felt as Me, Myself and I were holding hands lying next to each other and making peace with one another so that I as my present self can move on in life and enjoy the present. My past self has comes to terms of staying where she is and made sure I learned my lessons. My future self is being patient and guiding me to be my best so I am ready for my future. I really enjoyed it as it was my first call in and didn't know what to expect but I think people should try it even the skeptic ones because you will feel peaceful.
Sending love and blessings Thank You"

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This Accelerated Light Healing Experience is facilitated by Vandana Atara Aura, the Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing

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