The Rainbow Rays of Ascension MP3

The Rainbow Rays of Ascension MP3
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Greetings Rainbow Being From The Stars,
Are you attracted to certain colors, hues, or rays of light?  Do  you notice that certain colors shift your energy faster than others?
Colors are natural projections of pure energy made visible. It's a frequency wavelength we can use to raise our vibration, unlock blocks, and connect with the divine...with pure source...holy spirit.
When we work with the rainbow rays, they will transmit the essence of Light, Love, Peace and Joy that are always available for us to tap into so that we can re-awaken to our unique soul mission & self-mastery.              
On this call, Vandana invites you to play & interact with the 7 colors of the rainbow and the spectrum of colors in between to manifest
magical infinite possibilities & higher solutions from the rainbow beings in the stars.
You'll meet & work with the 7 chohans of the 7 rainbow ascension rays they serve to integrate & embody higher dimensional consciousness on the rainbow bridge to enlightenment...a connecting bridge to guide you gently on your path where you can receive blessings, gifts, clarity, & divine guidance.
You'll receive a rainbow ray attunement to align with 16 divine color rays of creation & the energies they represent that you can use to manifest your dreams, visions, & desires with ease & grace!
Experience the rainbow rays shimmering & blissful energies  to shift your 3D bodies to 5D crystalline bodies & discover which rays you resonate with that are the highest vibrational match for you.
Learn how to work with the powers of these colors & how to activate the rays into sacred flames & living divine fire that can burn away harmful energies & transmute negative thoughts & beliefs into positive energy.
Embody the essence of spiritual alchemy and turn led into liquid gold as you  take a spiritual detour down the rainbow road returning back to your natural state of joy, ease, peace, & unconditional love.
This 60 minute Accelerated Light Healing Experience is facilitated by Vandana Atara Aura, the Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing.
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