Divine Density Detox with Archangel Metatron - 2 MP3 Package

Divine Density Detox with Archangel Metatron - 2 MP3 Package
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Greetings Amazing Avatars & Awesome Alchemists,

Enjoy 2 sacred journeys to purify your cells & dna with Archangel Metatron!

This is a gentle spiritual detox that gently assists you to drop density & unzip 3rd dimensional reality suits of invisible armor, false masks, & emotional baggage you’ve carried for far too long!

Starseed Symptoms will dissolve & fall away under the loving guidance of your entire healing team as you rise above earthly chaos, confusion, & limitation into a higher vibrational frequency of profound peace.

Get Both MP3s for only $33.33 And Teleport into the higher realms with Archangel Metatron by your side!!!

You are never alone!

Experience the feeling of vibrating so high that you naturally embody the state of ecstatic bliss just by being in the flow of the know & always trusting that you are safe & supported as we rise above the old paradigms into a new earth template.

Archangel Metatron Attunement MP3

Receive empowering messages, guidance, & inspiration from Archangel Michael as you embody higher angelic frequencies of illumined light that will purify & permeate cellular trauma imprinting as well as cleanse & heal your entire being, bodies, systems and electromagnetic field.

Archangel Metatron oversees the flow of energy in a mystical cube known as Metatron's Cube.

This healing activation will connect and align you with a higher harmonic frequency as Metatron transmits creative energy to expand your ability to experience higher visions, creative solutions and infinite possibilities.
Step into Archangel Metatron’s cube in a sacred journey that will inspire and empower you as you are shown how to work with the "Throne Of Glory" healing symbol and loving energies through your soft and loving sacred heart!
Reawaken your sacred heart & divine inheritance as a multidimensional, majestic and sovereign being!

Divine Density Detox MP3

Wash yourself clean from the inside out with the cosmic light frequencies & gamma rays from the great central sun. Receive an accelerated light infusion to accelerate your spiritual development & realize your fullest potential as a divine creator & child of the stars!

This mp3 contains a powerful divine density detox healing activation to clear, cleanse, & purify lack, scarcity, & limiting beliefs as it extracts imprints & implants that won’t allow you to embody 5 D Consciousness & a higher vibration of crystalline liquid light.
This spiritual detox will help you to re-awaken your dormant gifts & super human telepathic abilities!
You can listen to the remote energy transmission mp3 as often as you desire to override illusion & confusion from the past to manifest new, exciting & magical mystical synchronicities & ongoing miracles! Step into the 5th, 6th, & 7th dimensional consciousness & experience blessings from your guides, guardians, teachers, loving ancestors, soul families, angels, archangels, & galactic councils of light.
As you step out of density & darkness, you can rise about the earthly chaos from the collective consciousness & merge into the cosmic heart of oneness & divine liquid light!

Divine Density Detox & Archangelic Magical Mystic Cube Transmission - 2 MP3 Package Is Now Available!

Only $33.33 (a savings of $25)

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