The Elohim In The 7th Dimension w/ Vandana - Phone / Internet - Thur. Dec. 17th

The Elohim In The 7th Dimension w/ Vandana - Phone / Internet - Thur. Dec. 17th
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The Elohim are a group of God Beings who created this world, and the Divine Parents of humanity.

The Elohim have been our personal Friends and Heavenly Wayshowers for some time now. And the degree of love and beauty They've brought us has made our life feel like heaven. They have walked with us, nurtured us, guided us in innumerable ways, loved us exquisitely, reminded us of who we are, and led us into a deep and wonderful communion with God.

They offer and provide unswerving love and companionship. They are always available, because They are omnipresent. And They want to talk with us about everything that's important to us. They can guide us in all things, because They know everything about life on earth and humanity.

Many people have related to the male aspect of The Elohim as "Father" and the female aspect as "Divine Mother".They are humanity's Helpers, Counselors, Teachers, and Friends. They hear our spoken and silent prayers, and answer in whatever way They can. They give love, encouragement, and guidance & show us the way to enlightenment.

These emissaries from the higher planes are both stellar & solar ancestors who help us to expand our consciousness. They are a "Group Soul"-- one Being comprised of many Beings. A group of Gods and Goddesses who act, think, speak, and feel as one. They are unified in heart, mind, and will.

"The 7th Dimension is "Mirror-Dimension". It is the Dimension of reflection and serves as a Midway Station between the 3th dimension and the Galactic Center. The Elohim Ascended Light Beings are able to communicate with us from the 7th dimension because it is easy for them & they don't have to descend as far from their Realm of Higher Light into the lower densities & dimensions.

The divine interventions & soul guidance usually take place in dream time where many of us receive downloads, information, creative solutions, & higher visions when we are the most open & receptive.

On this teleclass & digital download, Vandana will guide you on a sacred journey into the heart of the 7th where you can intuit its soft, calm, loving, and serene energetic frequency which feels like peace surpassing all peace. As divine humans & multi-dimensional beings we can journey here to remember what it feels like to be truly connected to everyone & everything around us.

This 7th Dimensional experience opens your heart, lifts your spirits, & raises your vibration so you can connect your light with the light of all creation anytime you feel lost, confused, or your creative centers become blocked & congested.

This is a comfortable place to visit that unlocks the remembrance of Atlantean Life Times & leaves you floating in a sea of bliss wrapped in angel’s wings while being held and nurtured.

The longer you visit with your helpers & stellar soul families, the easier it is to see your life from a higher & wider vision & to access infinite posibilities.

Feel & Vibrate the sensation of liquid gold & estatic bliss!!!

Our Elohim guides are closer than we ever imagined possible & are always here heal & contribute their loving energies whenever we call upoon them. They realize that we are so much more than we know & want to remind & encourage us that our energy is so much bigger than we realize it is in our current state of eartlly dimensional consciousness.

Bring a journal & writing instrument to the class with a list of your blocks & intentions to unlock & reveal hidden information holding you back accessing your self-mastery in the eternal now.

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This 60 minute Accelerated Light Healing Experience will be facilitated by Vandana Atara Aura, the Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing on

Thursday Dec. 17th
10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern / 6 PM GMT / 4 AM AEST (the next day)

Cost - $33.33

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