7 Chakras 7 Meditations 7 Days a Week MP3 Package

7 Chakras 7 Meditations 7 Days a Week MP3 Package
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I'm super excited to share my latest audio empowerment mp3 support system to flow from ease, space, grace, & joy no matter what!

These audio recordings support & expand your energetic flows & chakra alignment.The accelerated light codes of higher dimensional frequencies are embedded in each sacred journey & accelerated light transmission.

Listen to each audio track from sunrise to sunset even in dream time! The R.I.C.H. & R.A.C.E. make it easier to release cellular trauma, stress, & fear based programming so you can rise above earth based limitations & false beliefs.

The sacred journeys & healing activations restore your divine essence back to it natural state of well being so you can reignite your creative spark, manifest more ease on this planet, & reset your entire reality!

These 7 healing activations can be listened to in one sitting or you can choose to listen to a different accelerated light healing transmission every day to awaken your greatest potential as a magical mega manifestor!

The Audio Empowerment Bundle Includes The Following Tracks!


"Vandana, I am only about 10 min in to your 'Beyond The Veil' MP3 Healing Recording and I am COMPLETELY RELEASING Tears of gratitude! You were sent by my Dad! I have been literally begging him for a hug. I am hoping! I LOVE your voice. It is so comforting to my grieving soul and so confirming! I DID feel him kiss me when the veil must have been thin or my frequency high. When he passed it was like a FLOOD to me energetically. I was having vision after vision like a freight train. This has since slowed. I saw him standing in front of a WINDOW OF LIGHT. I will never forget that LIGHT. He was watching though not entering. I knew he had not entered the light. You confirmed it was to help my mother and brother and I. My 9 year old recently dreamed of a doorway he was in front of. He has since stepped through. Thank you! I will keep you updated on the communication. I also saw that you know about the psychic clairs ( sense of smell and hearing). I have these!!!! Blessings to you!”
-Anhaya Astara, New York

This 7 Day Healing Activation Series Is $77.77

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