Gods And Goddesses Of Abundance - Sacred Sound Journey MP3

Gods And Goddesses Of Abundance - Sacred Sound Journey MP3
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Welcome to a sound healing activation that connects you with the vibration of pure liquid gold!

This mp3 includes channeled messages from Lady Fortuna, Goddess Lakshmi and many other archetypes of abundance, prosperity, and wealth. These archetypes of abundance already exist within you.

You can feel their divine essence showering you with overflowing and infinite blessings of everything you desire to manifest in this lifetime.

Enjoy this sacred dance with these sacred and ascended light beings who help you remember that true abundance is your natural state of being.

This sonic sacred journey clears away all fear, doubt, and stress around your finances, relationships, and general well being so you can step into your highest potential and self-mastery.

Allow your entire being to resonate and flow with ease and grace from the healing activations and soothing sound support to raise your vibration to manifest your gifts here and now.

Step into the field of infinite possibilities that are always available!

Nothing is missing...everything is here!

The healing music and guided journey allow you to clear and release life long challenges, patterns, and programs in the blink of an eye on a cellular level to raise your vibration higher than you ever dreamed possible.

For best results, it’s recommended to listen to the healing activations and divine light transmissions in a quiet space before bedtime or during dream time while asleep.

To learn more about Vandana Atara and her sacred journeys,visit: http://vandanalighthealing.com

This Soundtrack is composed, recorded and produced by David Chandler @ Whippleworld Studio - Music for you @ sonic-sanctuary.com.

Cost - $25

Accelerated Light Blessings,
Vandana Atara Aura

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