The Gods & Goddesses of Love - An Accelerated Light Healing Attunement MP3

The Gods & Goddesses of Love - An Accelerated Light Healing Attunement MP3
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Throughout the ages, there have existed Gods and Goddesses who represent the energies of love, lust, beauty, desire, and attraction, and marriage.

These ancient deities can be found in every culture and civilization all over the world.

Are you tired of trying, efforting, and struggling to be visible, to be loved, adored, nurtured, and supported?

What if you could attract love by BEING the vibration of LOVE?

In order for us to vibrate from the vibrational frequency of love, we must first love ourselves unconditionally with no judgement.

On this call, we will be calling in the Gods and Goddesses that embody this essence so we can also vibrate from this state of grace all the time.

Vandana will run RICH Clearings to release any doubts, illusions, imprints, or implants living in your cellular memories that might have separated you from your embodying your natural beauty and desirability so you can attract deeper intimacy with yourself and others.

A powerful accelerated living light attunement will clear away any fear blocks or resistance to falling in love with you on every level of your being so you can manifest more joy, bliss, and loving relationships than you ever dreamed possible.

This LOVE Body Attunement will open you up to the field of infinite magical possibilities so you can create miracles, receive blessings and ascend your light body in perfect ease.

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This 86 minute healing experience is facillitated by Vandana

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