Clairvoyance - How To See Beyond The Veil MP3

Clairvoyance - How To See Beyond The Veil MP3
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Were you brought up to believe that we can never see beyond the veil of illusion?

What if that was just never true?
If you’ve ever felt unsure or second guessed yourself when making a choice or have purposely not chosen anything in fear that it would be the wrong choice...then this class is for you.
We’re all born and incarnate here having the answers to everything within us. We already know and have full access to these telepathic gifts all the time and yet we tend to doubt, worry, fear, or second guess ourselves which usually doesn’t work very well. In fact, it’s exactly what keeps us repeated the cycle of suffering and recreates patterns and programs from the past.
The good news is on this call you can break free of all resistance to your second sight where you
can step into your magical powers of “seeing” through all the mysteries and smokescreens that used to cause you to take little or no action to change your life.
Join us to:
-Clear limiting patterns and inherited programs of self-doubt
-Release mental clutter and psychic debris
-Letting go of fear based ego thoughts about yourself and others
-Opening, Activating, & Awakening your energy flows
-Creating infinite space to see infinite greater possibilities now and in the future
-Seeing through lies, beliefs, and stories that were never true
A special exercise for clear seeing and a “meet your guides” meditation & RICH Healing 5th Eye Activation Journey into Infinite Consciousness will expand your horizons and upgrade your true sight to the next level.
Are you ready to envision a life greater than you ever dreamed possible?
Anything that wouldn’t allow you to “see” yourself on this call....RICH!
All the amazing benefits of opening and expanding your 3rd eye is...RACE!
Reality Reset!!!

This 93 minute telehealing experience is facilitated by Vandana.

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