Healing Your Relationship with Your Mother 5 MP3s

Healing Your Relationship with Your Mother 5 MP3s
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What if we could embody the vibrational frequency of divine Mother and earth Mother every day?

Although we are born to one biological Mother in this earth plane, we as infinite beings can always choose to remember and express our Maternal Nature in all of our relationships.

We can gift and receive the contribution of all the mothering, nurturing, sensitivity and compassion we desire and require in each and every moment right here and right now.

Could remembering our divine goddess mother inside all of us change everything for us and our lives? Could loving ourselves unconditionally heal all wounds, scars and trauma in the blink of an eye? What if tapping into our internal mother archetype could heal the planet?

Healing the relationship with your present Mother and all the Mothers you ever had in all of your lifetimes is the topic for our 4 week Tele-Healings that most of my students, clients and listeners have been asking me to facilitate to help all of us let go of all the heavy stuff from the past between you and your Mom and create a phenomenal and joyful life.

In these 5 MP3s you will be clearing, releasing, integrating and harmonizing all the parts of our divine essence and true nature in an open hearted and conscious RICH Healing Experience.

Once we empty out and clear all the trauma with our Mothers as well as all the lies, stories, patterns and programs we picked up and internalized from our Mothers, we can radiate, activate, create and always expand our lives from a higher vibrational frequency connecting with everyone we meet from the place of unconditional love, allowance, space and peace.

Honoring all the Mothers that have ever existed, that exist right now and that will be born again in all future realities.

Heart To Heart Healing Hugs!

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These 90 minute healing experiences are facilitated by Vandana, Co-creator of RICH Healing.

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