Poverty – Friend or Foe? MP3

Poverty – Friend or Foe? MP3
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Would you like to never be stressed out about money? Do you have all the money you desire? Do you struggle with money? My definition of Poverty is not having enough money for everything you desire. Are you there? Would you like to be somewhere different with money?

When we unlock the places where Poverty is benefiting you in someway, then we can truly open the door to creating something different and having more money! Some people use poverty to make it so they can't do things when their friends ask them to that they don't desire to. Some use it so they don't have to say no to their family when they ask them for money. Some use it because they believe life has to be a struggle. What if it didn't? And what if you could still choose what works for you and have all the money you desire and more? That is the possibility I would like to invite you to!

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This 82 minute healing experience is facilitated by RICH Healing Co-creator Macaya.

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