Creating Wealth - Would You Like to Have it Be Easy 6 MP3s

Creating Wealth - Would You Like to Have it Be Easy 6 MP3s
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A Course in Manifestation and Embodying the Frequency of Wealth!!!  The first two classes are designed to clear out all of the painful/shameful emotions and limiting belifs you have around money and being wealthy.  Classes 3 - 6 are your guide to manifesting your dreams.

MP3 #1 and #2 - Clearing painful/shameful emotions and limiting belifs you have around money and being wealthy

MP3 #3 - Creation - The planning phases of your manifestation
MP3 #4 - Implementation - What it takes to bring your creation in to physical manifestation
MP3 #5 - Alchemy/Receiving - Tuning yourself to the Vibration of Wealth and Infinite Receiving
MP3 #6 - Sustainabiity - Ways to Continiously have money and expand your money flows

Would you like to be an Abundance Alchemist? What if creating wealth could show up super fast and with total ease?

This is the infinite possibility we are inviting you to play with...Are you ready?

What if everything you touch could turn to gold? What if this golden consciousness already exists within you! Accessing Your Abundant Alchemist could be pretty fun too!

We’re pretty sure you’ve all heard that your inner landscape creates your outer world, so what inner gifts and magic are lying dormant within you that you would like to express just by showing up as you?

One of our favorite quotes by Rumi is "Why are you so enchanted by this world, when a mine of gold lies within you?"

If you're tired of trying all the get rich quick programs, the endless seminars on how to break the code of poverty that has cost you thousands of dollars to invest in without any change in your money flows, and are generally tired of the day in and day out struggling to make ends meet paradigm, then you might just want to check out Macaya and Vandana's class in creating conscious wealth, abundance and prosperity. You can actually get RICH with RICH Healing!

Heres' a sample of what we will be covering in our these classes:

  • Unblocking Resistances To Being Wealthy
  • Unlocking The Scarcity Paradigm
  • Clearing Out Inherited Patterns & Ancestral Programming
  • Shifting Your Vibration From Lack To Aligning With Abundance Consciousness
  • Getting Your Life Force Energy Back
  • The Inner Journey
  • Becoming the hero or heroine of your own life story
  • Learning how to alchemize lead into gold
  • Releasing Attachment To Material Possessions
  • Making Clear Conscious Choices
  • Freedom From Fear
  • Becoming The Elixir Of Wealth And Abundance
  • Integrating Your Inner And Outer Realities
  • Aligning With The Vibration Of Wealth
  • And so much more...

This program includes RICH Clearings, Creations, Activations and Body Healing Energies to Open, Activate, Awaken and Discover the treasurehouse of your infinite gifts, talents, and super abilities just waiting to emerge and move you forward on the path to financial freedom and the freedom to access the authentic you!!!!

Are you ready to embody the vibration of wealth and finally change your money situation?  If so, Get These MP3s!!! Click Add to Cart and Checkout at the top of the page!

These healing experiences are facilitated by Macaya and Vandana, the Creators of RICH Healing.

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