Accelerated Abundance Attunements MP3

Accelerated Abundance Attunements MP3
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Accelerate & Amplify Your Abundant True Nature!

Experience and receive an accelerated abundance activation and attune to the energies of lavish abundance and unlimited money flows in the 3D!!!

These energetic blessings & abundance codes will be transmitted from the abundance councils in the higher realms to align with the vibration of wealth, prosperity, and ease in receiving everything you desire and require.

You'll also receive a wealth creation ray from the higher dimensions to help you create harmonic wealth, peace of mind, infinite ease, and financial freedom!

R.I.C.H. Clearings & R.A.C.E. Creations will unlock financial blocks, clear unconsciously held limiting beliefs around money, and release  genetically inherited programs of lack, scarcity, and limitations we've carried for our maternal and paternal ancestors.

Vandana will  help you revoke vows of poverty, cancel family loyalty vows that prevent you from exceeding your biological families financial success, and cancel soul contracts that won't allow you to create infinite income. Karmic ancestral agreements, promises, and commitments will also be uncovered and re-negotiated so you can reclaim your powers and divine birthright as a divine creator and magical alchemist.

The accelerated abundance codes and rays of wealth creation will:

1) Clear out self-sabotage and not enough programs

2) Release resistance to receiving infinite abundance

3) Rewire & Reprogram your brain & nervous system to wealth consciousness

4) Remove genetically imprinted money stories stored in your chakras, cells, & DNA

5) Download abundance codes & wealth creation rays in your field with ease and grace

6) Help you feel safe and supported by your guides, guardians, angels, and earth helpers

7) Embody the wealth vibration that is your divine birthright

You will also receive an abundance meditation alignment to connect with your highest soul self and guardians of living light from the great central sun to illuminate your true abundance NOW!

Give yourself permission to be more of who you are and experience financial freedom to experience all the gifts, blessings, and miracles you deserve!  Click Add to Cart above and Checkout at the top of the page!!!

This 87 minute Accelerated Light Healing Experience is facilitated by Vandana, the Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing.

Accelerated Your Abundance!!! Click Add to Cart above and Checkout at the top of the page!!!

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