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 Accessing Your Inner Shaman MP3
What if you could be your own Shaman, Guru, Master, Healer, & Teacher and no longer had to loo..
Connecting With Earth Magic MP3
Have you been feeling isolated and separated from Mother Nature for far too long? Would you lik..
Connecting with Your Totem Animal Spirit Guides MP3
Tonight we will be connecting and communicating with the magic and wisdom of the animal kingdom to..
Discovering Your Inner Magic MP3
Do you know some where that at some point in one or a lot of your past lives you're reality was Ma..
Enhancing Your Food with Magic Mp3
Do you know something is more possible with food and drink? What if you could make your life bette..
Faires, Fairy Tales and Happy Endings MP3
Are you attracted to the light, fun, and playful energies of our fairy and elemental families? Whe..
Levitation and Teleportation MP3
Somewhere do you know that it's totally possible and real that you can teleport and levitate? Do y..
Magical Gifts from Your Ancestors MP3
What if your ancestral lineage were far more powerful and magical than you were ever told or could p..
Performance Magic - How to Be In Control of an Audience and Make Them Fall in Love With You MP3
What would it be like to know exactly what everybody in an audience requires of you when you are p..
Seeing, Feeling, Hearing and Knowing Energy MP3
Would you like to be able to see, feel and hear energy?  Have you been working really hard on..
Sex Magic - Being More Than Their Wildest Dreams! MP3
Would you like to be able to see, feel and hear energy?  Have you been working really hard on..
Sleep Magic in Dream Time - The Gateway to Inner Self & Self-Mastery MP3
What if you could program your dreams on demand to find the answers to those mysteries of life you'v..
The Magic of Royalty - Connecting with the Power of Your Inner King and Queen MP3
Would you like to connect with the vibration of living a royal and regal existence in this lifetim..
Your Magical Abilities - Activating, Reclaiming and Restoring Your Divine Blueprint MP3
Are you aware you have way more magic and power available to you then you can even imagine?  Wo..
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