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Clairalience & Clairgustance - How To Receive Information Through Taste & Smell MP3
How can you tell if you’re clairalient or clairgustant and do these often overlooked telepathic abil..
Clairaudience - How To “Listen” To Your Higher Self MP3
Being Clairaudient - Hearing Your Inner Voice & Higher Self   Welcome to our RICH Hea..
Claircognizance - How To Clearly “Know” What You Already Know MP3
Have you ever experienced knowing or having access to information to information that you didn’t thi..
Clairsentience - How To Trust Your Feelings As Your Guide MP3
Clairsentience is one of the three main categories of psychic intuition, along with clairvoyance and..
Clairvoyance - How To See Beyond The Veil MP3
Were you brought up to believe that we can never see beyond the veil of illusion? What if that wa..
Diamond White Violet Flame Transmission
Attention Star Seeds and Lightworkers who are struggling with lower 3D frequencies as we pass throug..
Getting to Know and Recognize Your Higher Self MP3
Hello Beautiful Being of Light, How would your life feel and look like to be connected with the w..
Higher Self Integration MP3
I'm excited to announce this healing activation vibrational upgrade to assist you in releasing the p..
Increasing Your Awareness in this Reality 5 MP3 Class
What would it be like if you could know the outcome of what every choice you considered was going to..
Meeting & Embodying Your Higher Self MP3
Have you ever felt your higher self's loving essence & presence?   Your higher wiser ..
Psychic Development 101 Six MP3 Class
This course is created for you… the brilliant knower, seer, and divine creator who actually kn..
Psychic Development and Increasing Your Awareness 12 MP3 Package
This package includes Increasing Your Awareness in this Reality with Macaya 5 MP3 Class Psychi..
Solar Eclipse Transmission MP3
Step into the Lions Gateway Infinite Portal & Merge With The Divine In All Timelines, Dimensions..
Unraveling your Unawareness and I Don't Knows MP3
What if you're an Infinite Being?  And if you are, does that mean that you actually have access..
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