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12 Rays Ascension Alignment - The Magic of the Rays MP3
Align with the magical powers to embody the light codes and source codes from all 12 rays of creatio..
145th Dimensional Activation MP3
Somewhere do you know that there are many more realms in this Universe than we could ever possibly i..
Activating Your Inner Light MP3
Would you like to shine bright in every moment?  Never using any energy to hide yourself or b..
Activating Your Merkaba Lightbody MP3
Would you like your life to flow more effortlessly than you ever imagined possible?  Would you ..
Ascended Beings From The Higher Dimensions MP3
Have you been struggling with ascension symptoms and  emotional roller coaster rides? ..
Awakening Your Sleeping Heart MP3
Have you experienced heart break, loss, grief, betrayal, & overwhelm that made you shut down you..
Becoming Infinitely Connected MP3
What would it be like to be completely infinitely connected with every one and everything on the E..
Bliss-a-thon — 2 1/2 Hour Blissful Healing Experience MP3
Hello Beautiful Amazing Infinite Being!Do you desire to experience more Bliss on this planet?The def..
Brain Clutter Detox - Unplugging From The Matrix MP3
I'm excited to announce this opportunities to receive higher vibrational upgrades to navigate the ne..
Connect with and Embrace Your Divine Essence from Mirabel Sensei
Connect with and Embrace Your Divine Essence There are many benefits to this MP3 including ..
Connecting With Your Spirit Guides MP3
Would you like to receive more guidance from the divine?  Would you like the help of masters wh..
Fully Living Your Interdimensional Mastered Ascended Life! MP3
Have you been feeling disconnected from your light?  Do you often feel lost, misguided, scatter..
Galactic Chakra Activation MP3
Take a magical journey into the gateways, vortexes, and portals of your multidimensional chakras! ..
Getting to Know and Recognize Your Higher Self MP3
Hello Beautiful Being of Light, How would your life feel and look like to be connected with the w..
Infinite DNA Activation MP3
What would it be like if you had access to the Wisdom of Infinite Consciousness in all moments? Wh..
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