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Activate Your Synthesetic Senses MP3
Have you heard of people hearing colors and seeing sounds?  How about where shapes have a cer..
Being Yourself in this Reality MP3
What would it be like if you could BE YOU IN EVERY MOMENT?  Never worrying abo..
Child-Adult Integration - Reintegrate Your Inner Child MP3
Do you notice that when we face a challenging situation or conflict we tend to contract our energe..
Connecting With Your Master Guide MP3
Would you like to have a source of guidance you can go to when ever you desire answers to your que..
Connecting With Your Soul Group, Soulmates and Soul Family MP3
Do you miss your soul family, soul group and soulmates, and would like to reunite with them again in..
Connecting with Your Totem Animal Spirit Guides MP3
Tonight we will be connecting and communicating with the magic and wisdom of the animal kingdom to..
Creating Shamballa as Your Life 4 MP3s
When I ask you, Are you ready to experience Shamballa? How does it make your body feel? Shamballa..
Ending Old Contracts and Agreements MP3
Is now the time to end all old contracts, agreements, and vows you made in this or any past lives th..
Falling in Love with Yourself MP3
Is it time to finally start loving you fully?  Is that even possible?  Is it time to stop ..
Finding Your Authentic Voice MP3
How often do you hide your voice and make yourself invisible? Were you told or thought that you..
Finding Your Soul's Name MP3
Would you like to have a name that embodies your entire vibration?  A name that vibrates thro..
Healing & Loving Your Shadow Self MP3
The Shadow is the aspect of you that's kept hidden in the dark and out of your every day conscious..
Healing Birth Trauma MP3
Did you experince trauma during your birthing process?  Does that resonate with you?  A lo..
Healing Pre-Birth Trauma And Stress In The Womb MP3
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with repeating the same old story, feeling stuck, o..
Have you been struggling for years not really knowing who you are or why you're here on planet ear..
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