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12 Rays Ascension Alignment - The Magic of the Rays MP3
Align with the magical powers to embody the light codes and source codes from all 12 rays of creatio..
145th Dimensional Activation MP3
Somewhere do you know that there are many more realms in this Universe than we could ever possibly i..
Accelerated Akashic Attunement MP3
Take a sacred journey into the heart of the Akashic realms to open, read, & access your vibratio..
Accelerated Akashic Guidance MP3
Teleport through your heart merkaba vehicle to the intelligence of the Akashic Realms to uplevel you..
Accelerated Akashic Light Healing Transmission MP3
Travel to the akashic realms in the quantum field of your soul home away from home...that sacred spa..
Ascended Beings From The Higher Dimensions MP3
Have you been struggling with ascension symptoms and  emotional roller coaster rides? ..
Becoming Infinitely Connected MP3
What would it be like to be completely infinitely connected with every one and everything on the E..
Brain Clutter Detox - Unplugging From The Matrix MP3
I'm excited to announce this opportunities to receive higher vibrational upgrades to navigate the ne..
Connecting with the Divine Within You MP3
Have you heard the word? The Divine is within you!!! What if you are everything that is? What if you..
Connecting With Your Soul Group, Soulmates and Soul Family MP3
Do you miss your soul family, soul group and soulmates, and would like to reunite with them again in..
Connecting With Your Spirit Guides MP3
Would you like to receive more guidance from the divine?  Would you like the help of masters wh..
Connecting with Your Totem Animal Spirit Guides MP3
Tonight we will be connecting and communicating with the magic and wisdom of the animal kingdom to..
Creating Shamballa as Your Life 4 MP3s
When I ask you, Are you ready to experience Shamballa? How does it make your body feel? Shamballa..
Diamond White Violet Flame Transmission
Attention Star Seeds and Lightworkers who are struggling with lower 3D frequencies as we pass throug..
Finding Your Soul's Name MP3
Would you like to have a name that embodies your entire vibration?  A name that vibrates thro..
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