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Accelerated Pain Healing MP3
Have you been experiencing chronic pain for far too long? When you visit the doctor, does he or ..
An Abundance of Health MP3
Would You Like to Finally Have Life Be Easy ? Would You Like to have Fun being on this Planet? ..
Diamond White Violet Flame Transmission
Attention Star Seeds and Lightworkers who are struggling with lower 3D frequencies as we pass throug..
Divine Density Detox MP3 w/ Vandana
Hello Beautiful Being of Light,   Have you experienced past life trauma that’s still vibr..
Emotional and Over Eating MP3
Do you eat way too much? Do you eat unconsciously until you feel heavy, lethargic and / or like yo..
Getting Rid of Pain – Understanding the Pathways MP3
Do you have pain? Do your friends and / or family have pain? Would you like to know how to move pa..
Healing Birth Trauma MP3
Did you experince trauma during your birthing process?  Does that resonate with you?  A lo..
Healing Digestion and Blood Sugar Issues MP3
Do you have issues with your digestion or blood sugar balance?  Some symptoms of digestion or b..
Healing Pre-Birth Trauma And Stress In The Womb MP3
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with repeating the same old story, feeling stuck, o..
Infinite DNA Activation MP3
What would it be like if you had access to the Wisdom of Infinite Consciousness in all moments? Wh..
Loving Your Body and the Essence of Bliss, Peace, Love, Joy and Ecstacy
Macaya channels The RICH Healing Master Beings on Loving Your Body and the essence of Bliss, Peace, ..
Loving, Honoring & Adoring Your Body - No Matter How You Judge It MP3
Would you like to actually enjoy having a body without judging it?   What would it feel lik..
Overcoming Insomnia Activation MP3
Have you been experiencing sleepless nights for far too long? Would you like to be able to get ou..
Pain Relief Activation By The Divine Medical Intervention Team
The Divine Healing Intervention Team is always on call 24/7 to help you live in a pain-free & st..
Performance Magic - How to Be In Control of an Audience and Make Them Fall in Love With You MP3
What would it be like to know exactly what everybody in an audience requires of you when you are p..
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