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A New Year - A New You MP3
Happy New Year Beautiful Friend! What do you desire this year that you didn't allow yourself to..
Child-Adult Integration - Reintegrate Your Inner Child MP3
Do you notice that when we face a challenging situation or conflict we tend to contract our energe..
Comparing Your Life to Others - Would You Like to Stop Judging You? MP3
Can you feel the energy of comparisons and judgements? What's coming up for you right now? Does it f..
Divine Density Detox MP3
Have you been feeling bogged down and energetically exhausted lately? Do you desire to lighten ..
Divine Density Detox MP3 w/ Vandana
Hello Beautiful Being of Light,   Have you experienced past life trauma that’s still vibr..
Ending Social Anxiety MP3
Do you feel alone, scared or isolated in a group of people or thinking about being in a group of peo..
Falling in Love with Yourself MP3
Is it time to finally start loving you fully?  Is that even possible?  Is it time to stop ..
Fear Removal Clearings MP3
Did you know the original definition of Superstition was to stand still and be a witness or in awe..
Feeling Alone In This Reality MP3
Do you ever feel alone and unsupported in this reality always trying so hard and never quite feeli..
Finding Your Authentic Voice MP3
How often do you hide your voice and make yourself invisible? Were you told or thought that you..
Healing & Loving Your Shadow Self MP3
The Shadow is the aspect of you that's kept hidden in the dark and out of your every day conscious..
Healing and Having High Self-Esteem MP3
Would you like to have higher self-esteem?  Would you like to walk in the world confident a..
Healing the Past to Free Your Soul
Recapitulation is the art of re-framing our life experiences that most of us have been accumulating ..
Healing Your Former Selves MP3
Would you like to tap into your true nature and original self? Are you tired of trying, efforti..
Have you been struggling for years not really knowing who you are or why you're here on planet ear..
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