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Accessing Your Soul's Purpose MP3
The Akashic Records is a database of every word, thought or action that is stored energetically ..
Being Yourself in this Reality MP3
What would it be like if you could BE YOU IN EVERY MOMENT?  Never worrying abo..
Comparing Your Life to Others - Would You Like to Stop Judging You? MP3
Can you feel the energy of comparisons and judgements? What's coming up for you right now? Does it f..
Ease vs. Struggle - Which Do You Choose? MP3
Since we know that everything is a choice and we can choose ease over struggle, why do so many o..
Ending Social Anxiety MP3
Do you feel alone, scared or isolated in a group of people or thinking about being in a group of peo..
Enhancing Your Food with Magic Mp3
Do you know something is more possible with food and drink? What if you could make your life bette..
Fear Removal Clearings MP3
Did you know the original definition of Superstition was to stand still and be a witness or in awe..
Feeling Alone In This Reality MP3
Do you ever feel alone and unsupported in this reality always trying so hard and never quite feeli..
How To Not Be Affected By Energy Vampires MP3
Are you ready to let go of all the energy vampires in your life? Can you relate to those people..
Have you been struggling for years not really knowing who you are or why you're here on planet ear..
New Beginnings - Being the Energy of Change MP3
Have you noticed that old beliefs, friends, jobs, homes and paradigms are rapidly changing and eve..
Stop Living from Fear MP3
What are you stopping yourself doing because your afraid?  Afraid of what might happen? ..
Turning Off Your Overactive Mind MP3
Would you like safe sanctuary from your overactive mind?  Would you like to stop the looping pa..
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