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 Accessing Your Inner Shaman MP3
What if you could be your own Shaman, Guru, Master, Healer, & Teacher and no longer had to loo..
 Ancestral Healing - Accessing your Family’s Secrets MP3
Have you always wondered who your ancestors were? Do you desire to connect with them and receiv..
11:11 Stargate Accelerated Light Healing Transmission
Would you like your life to be easy?  Would you like your manifestations empowered with the ..
12 Rays Ascension Alignment - The Magic of the Rays MP3
Align with the magical powers to embody the light codes and source codes from all 12 rays of creatio..
145th Dimensional Activation MP3
Somewhere do you know that there are many more realms in this Universe than we could ever possibly i..
5th 6th and 7th Dimensional Chakra Activation MP3
Since we are multi-dimensional infinite beings, our chakras (energy points) also exist everywhere si..
7 Chakras 7 Meditations 7 Days a Week MP3 Package
I'm super excited to share my latest audio empowerment mp3 support system to flow from ease, space, ..
A New Year - A New You MP3
Happy New Year Beautiful Friend! What do you desire this year that you didn't allow yourself to..
Accelerate & Amplify Your Abundant True Nature MP3
Experience and Receive an accelerated abundance healing attunement to align with the energies of lav..
Accelerated Abundance Attunements MP3
Accelerate & Amplify Your Abundant True Nature! Experience and receive an accelerated abundan..
Accelerated Akashic Attunement MP3
Take a sacred journey into the heart of the Akashic realms to open, read, & access your vibratio..
Accelerated Akashic Guidance MP3
Teleport through your heart merkaba vehicle to the intelligence of the Akashic Realms to uplevel you..
Accelerated Akashic Light Healing Transmission MP3
Travel to the akashic realms in the quantum field of your soul home away from home...that sacred spa..
Accelerated Pain Healing MP3
Have you been experiencing chronic pain for far too long? When you visit the doctor, does he or ..
Accessing Your Soul's Purpose MP3
The Akashic Records is a database of every word, thought or action that is stored energetically ..
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