Personal Release and Terms & Conditions

Personal Release and Terms & Conditions

Audio / Video Recordings for Personal Sessions:
Your session can be recorded at your discretion for your personal listening use. AT NO TIMES WILL RICH Healing SHARE THESE RECORDINGS WITH ANY THIRD PARTY. You will have the opportunity to give permission to or deny recording your sessions during your first session, and your preference will be maintained through future sessions. You have the option to change your recording preference at anytime.

Audio / Video Recordings for Classes and Events:
(both in-person and over the phone and/or internet)
I acknowledge that RICH Healing may make video and/or audio recordings of the class(es) / event(s), in which I will be a participant.

I hereby grant RICH Healing the right to use such video and/or audio recordings of my name, likeness and voice in any and all forms of media, now or hereinafter created, and in perpetuity, including, but not limited to, composite or edited forms, for RICH Healing, to distribute, sell and use in any manner, as RICH Healing may determine in its sole and absolute discretion. I hereby waive the right to inspect or approve any version(s), including the finished version(s), of such recordings, including written copy that may be created in connection therewith.

Hands-On Healing
(for in-person sessions and classes)
Energy healing often involves Hands-On Healing, Visualization and Counseling. As a RICH Healing Teacher and Energy Healear, and with your complete agreement, we are granted your permission to gently lay hands on or above your body and etheric field. We guarantee that this touch, is gentle and non-invasive. Disrobing is not a part of this process. If at any time you are uncomfortable, it is your responsibility to state that. RICH Healing can be accomplished without touch of any kind. It is your right and responsibility to state your preference and comfort level.

Pre-Existing Conditions
We do not make diagnoses on a physical, emotional or mental level. Within the prescription of law we are certified Energy Healers. We do not dispense any medications and do not prescribe medical treatment or perform surgery in any way. We may suggest supplements and homeopathic remedies. These are to be taken at your own descretion.

By entering a RICH Healing Session or Class held by RICH Healing, either in person or by phone or by internet, the client agrees not to take legal or other action against RICH Healing. You also agree to hold RICH Healing free of all liability and responsibility for any adverse or non-adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of a specific referral, advice given, or any actions taken while working with or as a result of working with RICH Healing. We do not accept liability for any decisions to act or not act pursuant to our services, or from any injury or loss or damage that may be sustained. Any action or inaction taken by the client remains ultimately the responsibility and risk of the client. The client agrees to accept such responsibility and risk. The client is in complete control of his/her healing. It is not within our purview to guarantee healing of the client. There may be times when the client will not notice positive effects from energy healing or other services.

Appointment Responsibilities
Appointments are scheduled in advance and the client agrees to arrive on time and leave promptly after the session is completed. For in-person sessions, full payment is due at the time of services. For phone/skype sessions, full payment is due 24 hours in advance of the session. In between sessions, we are available to you by phone or email.

Refunds will be given on sessions that are requested at least 24 hours in advance of the session. If a refund is requested within 24 hours of the session or after a missed session has passed, a credit with RICH Healing, Macaya or Vandana for the amount of the session will be issued. Refunds may take up to 30 days to be issued. By agreeing to these terms you agree to not take arbitrative or disciplinary action with Paypal or any other payment processor used by RICH Healing

Client’s Responsibility
I have read and discussed the above information and agree with it completely. I understand that I should continue to see any medical doctors whose care I am currently under and that any prescription medication should not be altered without first consulting a qualified physician. I fully understand this agreements terms and understand that I may be giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue, and any and all rights to fees or compensation from the distribution, sale or use of any class recordings by RICH Healing or by its affiliates, subsidiaries, successors and assigns for any and all purposes.

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