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RICH Healing works at beyond the speed of light to harmonize your vibration to resonate at the frequency of Pure Heart-Centered Awareness.

The essence of RICH Healing infuses Liquid love and light to release, clear, integrate and harmonize the entirety of your energy field and all of your body into Liquid Light Crystalline Consciousness.

It is an invitation to live in the harmonic resonance of pure space, allowing and receiving everything from everyone while resisting nothing. It is a completely different way of perceiving this reality, and trusting your knowing in each moment with no judgment. It is a simple practice to stay in the heart and get out of mental constructs or ego.

Its healing rays allow you to instantly remember your super abilities, magic and unique gifts, and to reintegrate them fully into this lifetime in the blink of an eye. This Liquid Light cuts through any illusions, programs or implants to release and clear them instantly and with total ease.
RICH Healing is about the expansion of your being and stepping out of having to figure out what comes next for you. It allows you to be fully present at all times. It is about trusting your knowing and honoring your awareness.

RICH Healing allows you to delete all past life programming and commitments you made to clear away all past remnants or residual pain that never belonged to you in beyond the speed of light, without years of therapy or traditional methods used in the old paradigm of psychotherapy. RICH Healing then helps you remember and restore all of your abilities and gifts, and find lost soul fragments with total ease to harmonize and blend all of yourself into your being to feel whole and harmonized.

RICH encompasses the healing frequencies of all traditions of Energy Healing that have ever existed on this planet, and beyond anything we know how to ask for. It is ancient and completely new at the same time.

RICH Healing Classes are not so much about learning a new technique rather its about opening to receive or the sheer willingness to embody the vibration of love, pure awareness, peace, light and harmonic resonance and alignment with all there is!

If you are ready to get out of your head and into your heart? What if you found what you’re looking for?

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Macaya and Vandana, Co-creators of RICH Healing, provide services and classes all over the world: One-on-one healing sessions in-person and via phone/Skype, RICH Healing classes and tele-classes on various subjects. To stay up to date on these healing events, sign up under Free MP3s on the right.

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